Max Casacci & Daniele Mana - Glasstress

by Bad Panda

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Glasstress 05:14
The Wood 06:45
Murano Notte 05:29
Glassroom 07:08



released March 18, 2016

Produced by Max Casacci & Daniele Mana (Andromeda Studio, Turin)
Mixed by Max Casacci (Andromeda Studio, Turin)
Mastered by Simone Squillario (Dub the Demon Studio, Luserna S. Giovanni)

Max Casacci: programming, guitars, strings, keyboards
Daniele Mana: programming, synths, keyboards

Vocal sample in "Like A Glass Angel" by Tommaso Cerasuolo

Artworks (in the booklet) are part of the Glasstress project:
Front cover, page 2 and 12: Javier Pérez, Carrona, 2011 (Murano glass chandelier, stuffed crows)
Page 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10: Kate Mccgwire, Siren, 2015 (Glass, crowfeathers)
Page 5: Mat Collishaw, A different self, 2014 (Glass, wood, video)
Page 6 and 11: Ivan Plusch, Glass Malaise, 2015 (Glass, Mannequins)
Page 8: Hitoshi Kuriyama, Life Reduction, 2010 (Glass neon, stainless steel wires)

"Like A Glass Angel" artwork credits:
Front Cover, page 4, 5, 6 and 7: Pharrell Williams, Inside Out, 2011 (Glass, Stones)
Page 2: Leonardo Cimolin, Fragility and Strength of Faith, 2015 (Glass, Nails)
Page 3: Kaneuji Teppei, White Discharge, 2015 (Glass, Resin)

Photo by Francesco Allegretto
Courtesy of Berengo Studio
Art direction and graphic design: BRH+
Project manager: Federica Ceppa

Thanks to: Marco Rainò, Alessio Capovilla, Adriano Berengo, Marco Berengo, Berengo Studio, Serena Schiva, Frida Dora Casacci, Cocchi Ballaira, Saponetta, Laura Bresolin, Tommaso Cerasuolo, Virgina W Ricci, Pharrell Williams, Javier Pérez, Kate Mccgwire, Mat Collishaw, Ivan Plusch, Hitoshi Kuriayama, Leonardo Cimolin, Kaneuhi Teppei




Bad Panda Reykjavík, Iceland

ه҈̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉ ̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓ه҈̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉͎҈͎҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓҉̓ ... more

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